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Night vision cameras are pretty much standard these days and most
come with a built-in infrared light source, which means the camera can
see in the dark where the human eye can’t see a thing.
Hikvision also have a range of dark fighter cameras that can literally see
in full colour in very low light levels, again much better than the human eye.

Number plate and face recognition camera’s can also be a great tool for many types of situation, with both offering external triggering, the operation of gates, doors, barriers and anything electrically operated becomes a reality. Number plate recognition camera’s record a list of vehicle number plates into the NVR and can also alert you via email with a clip of the event, if required.

Although fixed lense cameras make up the vast majority of the cameras we supply, Zoom and PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera’s are a great option for areas that are monitored live. With a zoom camera you can monitor an area that is further away than is possible or practicle to place a camera, where as PTZ camera’s offer the ability to follow an event whilst it is happening, auto focus is built into both of these cameras.

Most cameras come in white or graphite colours, with matching brackets, however, we are more than happy to and regularly do change the colour of cameras and brackets, just for that extra bit of discretion. With a bit of clever thinking the cameras and brackets can easily blend in to all environments.



The Network Video Recorder’s that we supply, come free of licencing commitments and ongoing costs, which means that additional camera’s become much cheaper to install.


We have many customers that purchase a new Hikvision NVR from us to remove an existing Licence based system, which in turn eliminates ongoing costs associated with such a system. A new licence is normally required for each additional camera added on these systems and this add up over time.


The NVR’s that we supply start as a 4x channel unit and can go right up to a 256x channel unit, however, multiple NVR’s can be installed and grouped together to create even larger systems, with many options for increasing storage from build in additional hard drives to external storage and even cloud storage.


Remote Viewing

Multiple sites and NVR’s can easily be grouped together in a variety of software tools or app’s to be viewed remotely on smartphones, tablets and PC’s anywhere in the world, and its all secured by a free issue account which allows you to control who can access footage or live streaming.


We design all new systems to automatically save recorded footage and keep it for at least a couple of weeks so that footage is available to view or save after an event has been discovered, however, this can be extended to a much longer time if required. Footage is then automatically overwritten when your chosen storage period is reached.